Just like previous editions the ticketprice increases every month.

Starting with € 25,- (ex fee) till October, € 27,50 (ex fee) till November, € 30,-(ex fee) till December, from December 1st you can only buy the tickets for the regular price of € 39,50 (ex fee).

So hurry hurry…

Moet Chandon Tickets
NYE isn’t complete without a glass of champagne and a toast with your loved ones. And when you say Champagne, we say Moet Chandon! In collaboration with Moet Chandon we offer special Moet & Chandon tickets, including a single glass of champagne or including a bottle of Moet Chandon (groupticket).

Tickets can be purchased online (check below), or at all Primera Shops around Holland.



In search for some Decadence & Comfort?

VIP tables

At Secret Affair NYE you can choose to indulge yourself in luxury at our VIP-deck.

All our VIP-packages come with a VIP-table on a luxury Deck, Table-service, Fingerfood, VIP-entrance (no queue), VIP-parking. Female-company at the table is a must (40%).

VIP-table Silver:
VIP-table for 8 persons, 1 Magnum Moet & Chandon, 1 bottle of Ciroc Wodka (incl soda’s).
2 x VIP-parking
Table price € 1500,-

VIP-table Gold:
VIP-table for 10 persons, 1,75l bottle Ciroc Wodka (incl. soda’s), 1 x Magnum Moet Chandon.
3x VIP-parking.
Table price € 2000,-

VIP-table Platinum:
VIP-table for 10 persons, 3l Ciroc Wodka (incl soda’s), 1 Magnum Moet Chandon.
2 x VIP-parking.
Table Price € 2500,-

Contact: or +31(0)643104095

VIP tickets

After its succes at last editions the VIP-Unlimited ticket is back!

With this VIP-ticket you will have access to an open bar all night long, with all your favourite brands (Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, Red Bull, Gin, Rum, Tequila etc).

Furthermore you will have access to a special Unlimited Deck; including fingerfood, hostesses, VIP-toilets & VIP entrance. Earlybird price of € 100,- till December 1st…so hurry to our ticketshop!



2013/2014 aftermovie

2012/2013 aftermovie

Transportation info

Taets Event Park
Because of the sudden and tragic closing of The Sand we had to change plans. We found a great alternative: Taets Event Park is a beautiful and unique location just on the border of Amsterdam. The distance from the City Center is almost the same as previous years, but this year we’re helping you out with a special ‘Shutlle-bus service’ .

Shuttle busses

We’ve arranged a Shuttle Bus-service, driving from Amsterdam Center to the party and back every half hour (schedule below). Departurepoint is the bus-stand at Prins Hendrikkade 73 (in front of the Barbizon Hotel). Busses have a large text on them; Bakker Travel.

The bus-ride is 17 minutes and the price for a returnticket is € 8,- (pre-sale) or € 10,- at the bus. Even better than previous years because this NYE you don’t need to get on the car or cab.


Those who want to come by taxi have two options; directly to the location or drop off at the ferry ‘Hempont’. The drop off at the ferry is the cheapest option coming from City Center (8km from Central Station Amsterdam ). The ferry takes 5 minutes, see the map. The ferry runs the whole night.

Public transport

Don’t forget that every New Year’s Eve public transport stops running at 20.00h! We will open earlier than normal; at 21.00h this year. 

Check for your schedule.


Taets Event Park is easily reached by car, use Hemkade 18 Zaandam on your navigation-system.

There’s a huge parking area just in front of the location!

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